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With MEBA, imagination becomes reality. Discover innovative resins developed to produce accessories for fashion and design. A sustainable and highly customizable solution to pursue your project of tomorrow.

About Us

MEBA started in 1967 thanks to the ideas of its founder, Lorenzo Gonella. For over 50 years, it has been a point of reference for the production of highly innovative and aesthetic resins.

We work closely with all players in fashion, design, furniture and art, selling our products worldwide.

Transparency and uniqueness

We have built our company on quality, research and a customer-centric service model. Our catalogue of colours and patterns is constantly being updated, and it doesn't end there. Thanks to highly qualified advisors and a professional service, our sample book is fully customizable to meet the most diverse needs.

What We Do

Discover our resins

In our laboratories, we create effects and colors inspired by nature, by the imagination of designers or stylists or, why not, only by the intensity of colors. Today we sell our resins in all 5 continents with a catalogue of thousands colors, creating personalized resins for all needs.

Now our mission is leading the ecological transition for buttons and fashion accessories replacing its classical polyester with MEBA BIORESINE®, the first certified biopolymer from renewable source.

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Sheets, sticks and semi-finished products

In our facilities, we start from transparent liquid resin and transform it with the most varied effects. Our production line is mainly divided into two formats: sheets of various thicknesses and round or rectangular rods. Our resins are perfectly suited to all special processes such as turning and CCN, making the characteristics of transparency and color stand out in the best possible way. On request we provide advisoring or solutions for the study and development of the finished products


A careful and impeccable artisanship combined with an industrial solution.

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A step towards the future

With MEBA BIORESINE® we embarked on this exciting journey. A more sustainable production is our next goal, shifting the focus to the renewal of our industrial processes. Thanks to an ambitious investment plan we will reach the goal of environmental neutrality by 2025.


Sustainability is our choice: start now to change the future from the details.

A more responsible, careful and sustainable fashion starts from materials. - We made our commitment concrete by creating the first eco-sustainable resin. Composed of biomass and other raw materials from renewable sources, its production drastically reduces the use of fossils, emission of CO2 into the air and toxic wastes.

MEBA BIORESINE® is based on an upcycling process of components that receive new life in our biopolymers. No ingredients of animal origin nor intended for the human food industry are used during the process.

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The green ingredients of MEBA BIORESINE®

  • Waste of corn starch
  • Waste of sugarcane
  • Vegetable oils and fats

Same quality, different approach

We know that quality is essential for our customers, who turn our products into high quality fashion and design accessories. This is why we have confirmed the same formats, features, and look for which MEBA has been chosen by the world's top brands since the 1970s. We progressively transitioned to a more responsible business model, still rooted in the Made in Italy tradition: same flexibility, customization, and development of effects on demand in an innovative version that aims at the future.

Together for a unique and clear supply chain

This choice does not concern only MEBA, but the whole production chain: a modern and raceable approach to collaborate as one big team. More value to the environment, to the product, and to everyone's work.


Strength in numbers

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. is one of the most authoritative certification companies in the field of eco-sustainability. UL's ECV (Environmental Claim Validation) allows us to put our numbers on paper. This means verifiable, searchable and, above all, comparable data.

MEBA Formulation:

% Biobased content 67.0%

% Biobased Carbon as ASTM D6866 41.0%

The carbon cycle

The natural cycle of emission and absorption of CO2 has been ongoing for millions of years and it has very little effect on the average level of CO2 in the atmosphere. Meanwhile, all CO2 emitted through the combustion of fossil sources (e.g. petrol, gas and plastics) always results in an increase in the average quantity of CO2, as it is not compensated by an enhancement of our planet's capacity to absorb this CO2 excess.

How the measurement works

Through the only verification method accepted by the scientific community (ASTM D6866 method) it is possible to separate renewable carbon from fossil carbon, thus determining real sustainability in terms of pollutant emissions. The Co2 generated by 'clean' carbon will be offset in the natural carbon cycle. This results in saving a significant amount of fossil CO2 emitted into the atmosphere.

Touch our vision with your own hands

MEBA BIORESINE® is the greenest possible solution in the world of resins to make components and accessories for luxury, fashion and design. We don't just say it in words, facts are speaking: laboratory analyses set a value of 41%, twice as high as the minimum limit required by the European standard EN 16935:2017 (biobased carbon content). This allows us to put our commitment on paper and to separate ourselves from the most widespread greenwashing campaigns.

Why it's important to us

It took four years of research, with lots of ups and downs, before we consolidated this result. It wasn't easy, but our efforts are rewarded by the satisfaction of being able to offer a serious solution to the needs of increasingly sensitive consumers to the environment and its protection. As of today, we are the only Company that meets this demand.


Première Vision

Spring-Summer 23
08-10 February 2022
Hall 4 - Booth 4D42

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Première Vision

Cloud of Fashion
21.22.23 september 2021
Hall 2 - Booth 2S29

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Milano Design Week

Materials Village Project
Dal 4 al 10 september 2021
@ Westenders
Superstudio Più - Milano

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“CO2 emissions are the main driving force behind global warming. Every action can be decisive, even the simplest like #button up.”


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